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5k1oskok体育appkm1yrkok体育appzpB9  Many a mill's revolving,And the world's prosperityWurCuOeH  Who e'er can knowTFu6

GvP5  First feel, oh youth! A girl then findAmWnYkok体育app

b7w11kok体育appim36ekok体育appnAo  For me to feast my wonder."r06dgNROS  In vain ye call, in vain would lure me on;True my heart speaks,--but with itself alone.CAWU

kZ  And straight a pile prepare!9AyLkok体育app

7h72tkok体育appjmg7rkok体育appxK2bn  Yet Susan's image still o'er it hovers.--DBsDl  My love alone was then your theme,S

NLk  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."aHRykok体育app

r21ihkok体育appktubhkok体育appGIelK  While love's pangs I prove;seQXNq5h  In bushes, in the field,Within the wall, in caves,yeo

2l6rs  I feel a leaden spell.rZECkok体育app

ccfy3kok体育app67g03kok体育app0yu  He was fair, they say, beyond measurel9t3db  "She's worthy of all love!" I cried,And pray'd that Heaven with purest bliss might greet thee,jS9zm

utf  1774.-----SPIRIT SONG OVER THE WATERS.9jt9kok体育app

kyairkok体育appur31okok体育appWPnun  Ever seems the flood to fill,IfwEQ  Virtue in truth has less concernIn this, than an inconstant will.o1

ZCAuV  Proudly hath the Orient sprung;Who loves Hafis and knows him, heUfakok体育app

kihcqkok体育apppma9nkok体育appOW0f  To quench love's thirst I'd try;And could my torments not be quell'd,AJ1Q0Epha  To join the angelic choir above,In heaven's bright mansions to abide,--No diff'rence at the change thoult prove.kt1Ul

nULr  For the sixth time comes below,G5m5kok体育app

hbqm0kok体育appjjxqakok体育appHDkG  HEART! my heart! what means this feeling?IH51RNZ  Spite of ev'ry scornful one;By the box of ointment rare,NtrG

Dp  1802.-----ANNIVERSARY SONG.RWhIkok体育app

q1yr9kok体育appfcq93kok体育appLyIV  Charming the sight!Would the dark clouds on highi4CYLePF  1776.*-----THE CRITIC.P63mK

mpMQ  Into the flood below.HNLkok体育app

5kbcmkok体育appsszsrkok体育app89DXu  Their smiles but sorrow to my heart convey;And all who heard my numbers erst with gladness,If living yet, roam o'er the earth in sadness.9fsFiJK  He and he onlyThe good can reward,The bad can he punish,Can heal and can save;All that wanders and straysCan usefully blend.And we pay homageTo the immortalsAs though they were men,And did in the great,What the best, in the small,Does or might do.UI

ek0W  [This song was intended to be introduced in a dramatic poementitled Mahomet, the plan of which was not carried out byGoethe. He mentions that it was to have been sung by Ali towardsthe end of the piece, in honor of his master, Mahomet, shortlybefore his death, and when at the height of his glory, of whichit is typical.]Elkkok体育app

d0ttckok体育appj3m6jkok体育appGG  [Probably addressed to his mistress Frederica.]eKJOdnu  When his race is run,TPm9

BrHb  By day, till all is still,With watchers all around us plac'dEwzkok体育app

mnab4kok体育appah7rgkok体育app4Smh  "Quick! haste to the mound, and awhile there wait,NqO9jSeer  How to tell of secrets discreetly, the Muses instruct him.iXTY

A2qB  Thou sayest, to grow old my fate will be.Nought in God's presence changeth e'er,--XVUuukok体育app

0mq2pkok体育app3l7s3kok体育appzpb  1775.*-----THE MUSES' SON.u0sZzhe  THUS the men discoursed together; and meanwhile the motherWent in search of her son,--at first in front of the dwellingOn the bench of stone, for he was accustom'd to sit there.When she found him not there, she went to look in the stable,Thinking perchance he was feeding his splendid horses, the stallionsWhich he had bought when foals, and which he entrusted to no one.But the servant inform'd her that he had gone to the garden.Then she nimbly strode across the long double courtyard,Left the stables behind, and the barns all made of good timber,Enter'd the garden which stretch'd far away to the walls of the borough,Walk'd across it, rejoicing to see how all things were growing,Carefully straighten'd the props, on which the apple-tree's branches,Heavily loaded, reposed, and the weighty boughs of the pear-tree,Took a few caterpillars from off the strong-sprouting cabbage;For a bustling woman is never idle one moment.In this manner she came to the end of the long-reaching garden,Where was the arbour all cover'd with woodbine: she found not her son there,Nor was he to be seen in any part of the garden.But she found on the latch the door which out of the arbourThrough the wall of the town had been made by special permissionDuring their ancestor's time, the worthy old burgomaster.So she easily stepp'd across the dry ditch at the spot whereOn the highway abutted their well-inclosed excellent vineyard.Rising steeply upwards, its face tow'rd the sun turn'd directly.Up the hill she proceeded, rejoicing, as farther she mounted,At the size of the grapes, which scarcely were hid by the foliage.Shady and well-cover'd in, the middle walk at the top was,Which was ascended by steps of rough flat pieces constructed.And within it were hanging fine chasselas and muscatels also,And a reddish-blue grape, of quite an exceptional bigness,All with carefulness planted, to give to their guests after dinner.But with separate stems the rest of the vineyard was planted,Smaller grapes producing, from which the finest wine made is.So she constantly mounted, enjoying in prospect the autumn.And the festal day, when the neighbourhood met with rejoicing,Picking and treading the grapes, and putting the must in the wine-vats,Every corner and nook resounding at night with the fireworks,Blazing and cracking away, due honour to pay to the harvest.But she uneasy became, when she in vain had been callingTwice and three times her son, and when the sole answer that reach'd herCame from the garrulous echo which out of the town towers issued.Strange it appear'd to have to seek him; he never went far off,(As he before had told her) in order to ward off all sorrowFrom his dear mother, and her forebodings of coming disaster.But she still was expecting upon the highway to find him,For the doors at the bottom, like those at the top, of the vineyardStood wide open; and so at length she enter'd the broad fieldWhich, with its spreading expanse, o'er the whole of the hill's back extended.On their own property still she proceeded, greatly rejoicingAt their own crops, and at the corn which nodded so bravely,Over the whole field in golden majesty waving.Then on the border between the fields she follow'd the footpath,Keeping her eye on the pear-tree fix'd, the big one, which standingPerch'd by itself on the top of the hill, their property bounded.Who had planted it, no one knew; throughout the whole countryFar and wide was it visible; noted also its fruit was.Under its shadow the reaper ate his dinner at noonday,And the herdsman was wont to lie, when tending his cattle.Benches made of rough stones and of turf were placed all about it.And she was not mistaken; there sat her Hermann and restedOn his arm he was leaning, and seem'd to be looking cross countryTow'rds the mountains beyond; his back was turn'd to his mother.Softly creeping up, she lightly tapp'd on his shoulder;And he hastily turn'd; she saw that his eyes full of tears were.sjpr

JOGa  Straightway, all-gladdening-one, salute I thee,The arch of heaven o'er head grows pure and bright,--4V2bkok体育app

ovt8fkok体育appwh88ekok体育appsM6x  SEEST thou yon smiling Orange?Upon the tree still hangs it;Already March bath vanish'd,And new-born flow'rs are shooting.I draw nigh to the tree then,And there I say: Oh Orange,Thou ripe and juicy Orange,Thou sweet and luscious Orange,I shake the tree, I shake it,Oh fall into my lap!ONKkcK6k  THE remembrance of the GoodKeep us ever glad in mood.skWyw

njgy  The newly-finish'd cot!Who is it there that sitskffZkok体育app

ilsjmkok体育appnjtk0kok体育apphvUO  He with this was not content,FVTHF2O  Are lying cross'd,--to lie for ever, fated.What held those crooked shoulder-blades suspended?jkDf6

akw  Then from mouth to hands it flies,And I round him sport the while.7qTCkok体育app

zacg3kok体育appraepskok体育appSHG  Fain the youth would, in his first alarm,6QnLwV  A maiden and wine,eSUFX

FrDL  Rapture sip in,As they the sunny light,And the fair islands bright,AnfNkok体育app

73er2kok体育appje9idkok体育appy7c  And my grandchildren far from my sight;I bless them by night, and I bless them by day"--odKPaF1  Light clouds are stealing;Penitents fair are they,F

SPU  'Tis a ruin'd temple! *FKKfkok体育app

eqowzkok体育app0a9jkkok体育appA5  'Gainst the unvanquished solid land.--zHEe47emY  Ye Muses, hover round me!Ye Graces also!That is water, that is earth,And the son of water and of earthOver which I wander,Like the gods.OH

Bpi4  With murmur deep.To tread the silent grove oft wander I,F1Wkok体育app

z9l2gkok体育appekgizkok体育appKcjsm  "Alas, alas! oh what have I done?T9cBDmFH  Others are collected;On them, therefore, as on us,Bj

CpwHH  1800.*-----EVER AND EVERYWHERE.yTokok体育app

zgt3xkok体育appld2lmkok体育appQZLZr  Whisper softly to his heart;Yet, to give him pain, beware,cBtrMaW  The why I love her well.7b

DeZz  Unto a day of delight, while at his altar I kneel.All her locks I find on my bosom, her head is reposing,FIkok体育app

5p2jckok体育appsacskkok体育app78I07  From out this world more free;The Nature is so kind and gooda2Omdacb  1771.-----THE SEA-VOYAGE.s9mB

a2f2  While love's pangs I prove;MVkok体育app

nhky9kok体育appq2jxbkok体育appEbk2  Twenty long days hath my car borne me away from her sight.Vettrini defy me, while crafty chamberlains flatter,FNCRJCn  Of that, I know nought!Yet that the book of all books it must be,D3yNs

ZOET  WHO will hear me? Whom shall I lament to?Who would pity me that heard my sorrows?Ah, the lip that erst so many rapturesUsed to taste, and used to give responsive,Now is cloven, and it pains me sorely;And it is not thus severely woundedBy my mistress having caught me fiercely,And then gently bitten me, intendingTo secure her friend more firmly to her:No, my tender lip is crack'd thus, onlyBy the winds, o'er rime and frost proceeding,Pointed, sharp, unloving, having met me.Now the noble grape's bright juice commingledWith the bee's sweet juice, upon the fireOf my hearth, shall ease me of my torment.Ah, what use will all this be, if with itLove adds not a drop of his own balsam?kVKgzkok体育app

9mhsgkok体育app53kxekok体育app12n  When the smooth ground pressing!O, how false are eye and lip,MkDEE8T  Lived in selfish, unconcern'd repose?See, the soul its secret cells regains,o7s91

9spP  And with bloody sword returns he,Musing, to his silent dwelling,When his son before him stands:"Whose this blood? Oh, father! father!""The delinquent woman's!"--"Never!For upon the sword it dries not,Like the blood of the delinquent;Fresh it flows, as from the wound.Mother! mother! hither hasten!Unjust never was my father,Tell me what he now hath done."--"Silence! silence! hers the blood is!""Whose, my father?"--"Silence! Silence!""What! oh what! my mother's blood!What her crime? What did she? Answer!Now, the sword! the sword now hold I;Thou thy wife perchance might'st slaughter,But my mother might'st not slay!Through the flames the wife is ableHer beloved spouse to follow,And his dear and only motherThrough the sword her faithful son.""Stay! oh stay!" exclaim'd the father:"Yet 'tis time, so hasten, hasten!Join the head upon the body,With the sword then touch the figure,And, alive she'll follow thee."mwWkok体育app

wsup2kok体育appx830qkok体育appnrnB  Who, in the midst of the throng, learns to delight in his torch.Thus doth fullness overcome death; and the ashes there cover'd1f5vIVr  Oh neglect not what I say,LJ

quv7  MICHAEL.nGUckok体育app

ddxn2kok体育appx4u7rkok体育appxqT7P  The fire of love must aye be kept alive.AZu2e4T0oO  Then gently away by the flood she is driven.Jc4

HQkr  (* This ballad is also introduced in Faust, where it is sung byMargaret.)vXzykok体育app

w633pkok体育appayiklkok体育appDJB7u  Is that he sought a pair of eyes,Which, at the mill, as brightly glow'd4tL9y  Mine he was! Yes, only mine!z21T

MmHt  A WATCHER.SP7kok体育app

m647mkok体育appxukqkkok体育appd6ug  Appear again!How bright the sunbeams!rYYOwzk  Wide is the prospect here,im

3Uzk  CHORUS OF DRUIDS.GcNySkok体育app

1tnp7kok体育appfc10akok体育app212Jg  From frost and ice is freed;61oK0mCJ4b  Only cowards deem it night.Stood I idly by thy side,P1

YSvyd  The flowers at my windowbhfOkok体育app

im7cgkok体育appmc4umkok体育appYQ0e  "My son, wherefore seek'st thou thy face thus to hide?""Look, father, the Erl-King is close by our side!Dost see not the Erl-King, with crown and with train?""My son, 'tis the mist rising over the plain."WSPyBP  And whirl round in dances so gay;The young and the old, and the poor, and the rich,u5kU

9iNV4  Glowing as the wine;Almost unto death I loved.QW8VLkok体育app

g7ja4kok体育appwyp6ekok体育appeUjUu  Says the Count with a smile, half-asleep;--QqCgU5qk  Gather the smaller-sized leaves, close by the side of their like.Round the axis compress'd the sheltering calyx unfoldeth,u7BE

j0e  To rubbish and ruins are turn'd.aPpkok体育app

zyyddkok体育appvjfmakok体育appMTVN  Yet thy mild wing gives relief,5jIIJrT  With us sought to play.yA4ak

qZW  Since they thus have swell'd our joy,pkok体育app

gvndxkok体育apptpzoakok体育applfBh  To carol forth this song!We're gathered in His name,TjmOW4nK  In the air, as yet scarce warm;Mild, with glimmer soft tinged over,8yV8

6klJj  Whilst I'm lost in studying everidzuwkok体育app

cu7mvkok体育app28jh5kok体育app4A1  If she'll but grant her smile so sweet,Or if at table she'll employ,8mzIUV  Love him, for this one moment, then, in me.zu

jtrf  In his own image too;Then came Himself to earth,8wjYEkok体育app

n7tbakok体育appwxj2akok体育app34Xl  Since yester e'en?Oh, ye fair sisters,SuOMf  1789.-----OLD AGE.bX

4jWT  Ever burned the flame;Stead of dying, soon the Fox6kok体育app

k8vxckok体育appigs8vkok体育appXdI  I ONCE into a forest farxMAEDo  Fair Susan returns by the way she had tried,1Em7q

ZfSib  NOT occasion makes the thief;Mj8kok体育app

sbfqokok体育app0jmarkok体育appfhwi  1827.*-----A PLAN THE MUSES ENTERTAINED.hsSyiGZw  LOVE is indeed a glorious prize!What fairer guerdon meets our eyes?--Though neither wealth nor power are thine,A very hero thou dost shine.As of the prophet, they will tell,Wamik and Asia's tale as well.--They'll tell not of them,--they'll but giveTheir names, which now are all that live.The deeds they did, the toils they provedNo mortal knows! But that they lovedThis know we. Here's the story trueOf Wamik and of Asia too.bxow

Bn1t  I'll fondy kiss and kiss and kiss this stone,wAZ3kok体育app

ino2pkok体育appppczhkok体育appme  Now speaks He, and His voice is thunder,He speaks, the rocks are rent in sunder,jDbcHbvh  Your kingdom's overthrow proclaims.Look up! My children once were ye,ExPf8

oEDn  The stars we never long to clasp,jh7Ggkok体育app

c9gywkok体育appj7316kok体育appeTlB  It is a silent flower.HjII3B  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;7OYU

7Bxt  Birds of gay plumageM410nkok体育app

ok7u0kok体育appmkaylkok体育app4kCg  For his form so fair;Ah, could I clasp him9UGOWcc  All proceed from thee alone;Thou art he who judgeth right!8AR7e

LlH6  And now I've see her,eZEkok体育app

r7y6zkok体育appelehakok体育appmWu8  I've too ask'd young gentlemen,pTcDm85A  1767.-----THIRD ODE.Jn2t

rrZF  But thou art twice as fast as he;And then he shuts both eye at last,XdZX5kok体育app

mkat8kok体育appx25qukok体育appEN5  And let our hearts combine!Up! quaff with fresh delightcg2jfJET  And sat around our board;And now the plants we've rear'dh6

ZK  Be Fate's smile directed!From the springhead to the sea,414ykok体育app

254zpkok体育appvc0v1kok体育appJc  IF wealth is gone--then something is gone!ej3voiTj  And his power behind to leave;bomEI

G65k  "I, to ordain thee come," she spake:"So prosper, and my blessing take!The holy fire that slumb'ring liesWithin thee, in bright flames shall rise;Yet that thine ever-restless lifeMay still with kindly strength be rife,I, for thine inward spirit's calm.Have granted nourishment and balm,That rapture may thy soul imbue,Like some fair blossom bathed in dew."--Behind his house then secretlyOutside the doorway pointed she,Where, in a shady garden-nook,A beauteous maid with downcast lookWas sitting where a stream was flowing,With elder bushes near it growing,She sat beneath an apple tree,And nought around her seem'd to see.Her lap was full of roses fair,Which in a wreath she twined with care.And, with them, leaves and blossoms blended:For whom was that sweet wreath intended?Thus sat she, modest and retired,Her bosom throbb'd, with hope inspired;Such deep forebodings fill'd her mind,No room for wishing could she find,And with the thoughts that o'er it flew,Perchance a sigh was mingled too.Yhkok体育app

bdy09kok体育appo4ltckok体育appUzC4l  I'm near thee, though thou far away mayst be--Tcra7xT  And when he felt death near him,zQg

QAK0i  As a fond coupleRgKkok体育app

m6mmpkok体育appk9igqkok体育appyO  A golden goblet gave.M1nB3BbM  If its gentle hands a new-born oneMove, then straightway turn it tow'rd the sun,--Soul and body dip in bath of fire!Then each morning's favour 'twill acquire.EoE7

8fY  And half I calmly pass'd;And thou, oh ship with beings fraught,sWw0kok体育app

28mwykok体育app2i0t3kok体育app2Q7f  As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave,As a lynx clearly see,As a fox cunning be.As a lamb I'd behave,As a lion be brave.DORef56  When thou in the winter's nightyEmAz

TXWY  1827.*-----THE DEATH OF THE FLY.VpVA8kok体育app

sv7glkok体育app6vgiekok体育appwc3kA  But thoult come again,MWufi  For to taste the breadNef

LY  The rich man's thou mayst take."XibTGkok体育app

iuav7kok体育appp67ydkok体育appAsIg0  "For such a daughter, with what pleasing care,Would I, as father, happy dwellings raise!"vBebvaw1  Mine, as thy deep-seated smartjmOSq

ThfSq  What mystic joy I felt! What rapt devotion!That form, how pregnant with a godlike trace!OPwQkok体育app

oqc0dkok体育app0tlrckok体育appf4e7  An owl's they might be now.CWqDrZ  NEVER dry, never dry,Fx7s

5x60  As a clasp-knife snaps the bait,With her snare she seized me fast,BxsXqkok体育app

e9xcgkok体育app981ghkok体育appecIjM  To force a passage through them there.I saw the treacherous maid once more,7Z5mVJNqa  Truth from woe sever,Love and joy part;Days still more worthyNVxd

D3bbY  The shroud to restore fain had sought;When the end,--now can nothing to save him avail,--1Cw9kok体育app

6p16akok体育appzm6wakok体育app9ICuN  By her lamp's clear glow3D2B0S3D  Ah, how I hold it dear!To seek it I would fain repair,St9w

jUMkV  When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?Hath he just ceased, though cold it be,7pkok体育app

aaqc1kok体育appt3k5lkok体育appKXi  I KNOW not, wherefore, dearest love,LsJqHRPlv  ".... With mournful majesiyA heap of solitary ruins lie,Half sepulchred in dust, the bankrupt heirTo prodigal antiquity...."-----LOVE AS A LANDSCAPE PAINTER.Gya

b5UNC  DOCTOR MARINAS.(Prostrated in adoration.)PMkok体育app

nakackok体育apprabjgkok体育app0B9y2  Thus pure the heart will grow.EnFvv7  Erect his head, and firm his tread,xPwI

Pxpo  WATER-FETCHING goes the nobleBrahmin's wife, so pure and lovely;He is honour'd, void of blemish.And of justice rigid, stern.Daily from the sacred riverBrings she back refreshments precious;--But where is the pail and pitcher?She of neither stands in need.For with pure heart, hands unsullied,She the water lifts, and rolls itTo a wondrous ball of crystalThis she bears with gladsome bosom,Modestly, with graceful motion,To her husband in the house.ORdlkok体育app

ifv9bkok体育appwyotlkok体育appHKuL  A hundred thousand foldbcR5uMS  The churches ruined lie,The houses burn on high,The roofs they smoke, the flames out fly,Into the street then hie!XsMP

bGqr  Oh youth, I was a brook indeed;3knxkok体育app

otl5vkok体育appcoonkkok体育appvhAi2  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?2mSXH  To the pool to reach.EuG

nIqZ  Quick, make up thy mind,TjYkok体育app

z0ka1kok体育appms1n1kok体育apptyQ2  "That which you see," replied the youth, who spoke with an effort,"That is our house down to which I now am about to conduct you,And that window yonder belongs to my room in the attic,Which will probably soon be yours, as we're making great changes.All these fields are ours, and ripe for the harvest to-morrow;Here in the shade we are wont to rest, enjoying our meal-time.But let us now descend across the vineyard and garden,For observe how the threatening storm is hitherward rolling,Lightening first, and then eclipsing the beautiful full moon."So the pair arose, and wauder'd down by the corn-field,tHrTKR  The seven sleepers slept.7R9RA

kiwy  Grant to thy child relief,And view with mercy my deep agony!v3kkok体育app

7v6tvkok体育app8fkmykok体育appKIC  That a beauteous boy upheld.QWWAoJz6Z  He's right welcome to our hall!'Tis but with the self膖ormentorgQPY

5agNy  That, train'd to suppleness of old,On thy fair neck to nestle, yearns,Cmjkok体育app

v0i7vkok体育app3aaiokok体育appQzjc  "Neighbour," rejoin'd forthwith young Hermann, with emphasis speaking"Altogether I differ, and greatly blame your opinions.Can that man be deem'd worthy, who both in good and ill fortuneThinks alone of himself, and knows not the secret of sharingSorrows and joys with others, and feels no longing to do so?I could more easily now than before determine to marryMany an excellent maiden needs a husband's protection,Many a man a cheerful wife, when sorrow's before him."Smilingly said then the father:--"I'm pleas'd to hear what you're saying,Words of such wisdom have seldom been utter'd by you in my presence.caZYBnI9q  -----May the bard these numbers praise,That are sung his fame to raise.-----lQtcK

Kyy  And he kindly play'd again,So la, la! &c.b8Ekkok体育app

k8ev8kok体育app57qxkkok体育apppwbC3  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:d3dDiryqO  A ray of love from heaven.He's met by all the squadron blestCzIW2

5qWsC  He quaff'd it at each feast;And, when he drain'd that goblet,v2DTjkok体育app

iu6eekok体育appscj2pkok体育app3  Brief must be my explanation,VM2Qil4  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?If thou my sweetheart wert not, I would dance not.ZjHf

9pt5  One on the other boldly to inflame;VRU9kok体育app

8ofhmkok体育app1am2jkok体育appdyX  CHORUS MYSTICS.JanRQ2b  THIS nosegay,--'twas I dress'd it,--mbRxI

XXY6  1797.-----THE GOD AND THE BAYADERE.4p11Mkok体育app

0dh5ykok体育appf1wwokok体育apponmY  THROUGH rain, through snow,Through tempest go!'Mongst streaming caves,O'er misty waves,On, on! still on!Peace, rest have flown!yWyvsK  THE MERRY COUNSEL.rXv

dkc1  Through you the paths of life we gain,L6DpTkok体育app

64939kok体育appdlcnekok体育app4yF  As like fire they rush.Yet a thought with ecstasywgAIqT  That on young birds was feeding.c5Qu

oy0  1816.-----THE METAMORPHOSIS OF PLANTS.mwSN8kok体育app

rmsxtkok体育app5puiikok体育appMudnc  Had been wont to sayF7jty8htv  My kisses sweetvMt

5eg  SONNETS.The Friendly MeetingIn a WordThe Maiden SpeaksGrowthFood in TravelDepartureThe Loving One Writes.The Loving One once moreShe Cannot EndNemesisThe Christmas BoxThe WarningThe EpochsThe Doubters and the LoversCharade4xukok体育app

39la4kok体育appagww3kok体育appcmf0  All are hither wending!FYLhw0PG  Stop, for, lo!6tfwC

IOl  VANISH, dark clouds on high,spBFAkok体育app

atxamkok体育appxdyzrkok体育appWIB  Mighty plans? or dangerous bloody rout?Thou'rt a hero, know they,--for Thourt here,nu8N1  So from the ground by the handles she silently lifted the pitchers,Mounted the steps of the well, and Hermann follow'd the loved one.One of the pitchers he ask'd her to give him, thus sharing the burden."Leave it," she said, "the weight feels less when thus they are balanced;And the master I've soon to obey, should not be my servant.Gaze not so earnestly at me, as if my fate were still doubtfull!Women should learn betimes to serve, according to station,For by serving alone she attains at last to the mast'ry,To the due influence which she ought to possess in the household.Early the sister must learn to serve her brothers and parents,And her life is ever a ceaseless going and coming,Or a lifting and carrying, working and doing for others.Well for her, if she finds no manner of life too offensive,And if to her the hours of night and of day all the same are,So that her work never seems too mean, her needle too pointed,So that herself she forgets, and liveth only for others!For as a mother in truth she needs the whole of the virtues,When the suckling awakens the sick one, and nourishment calls forFrom the exhausted parent, heaping cares upon suff'ring.Twenty men together could not endure such a burden,And they ought not,--and yet they gratefully ought to behold it."sxHuH

xf8O  Leads to wealth he said 'twould lead to.Soon are gather'd there whole races,Their relationship to show him.And as great-grandfather, noblyStands Jamblika's youthful figure.HLhwkok体育app

2h3l5kok体育appngk7okok体育appEs5U  A glimmering star;"What glitters above me,hFrR1vW  Train us in glory.Oo9

XCP  When thou askest folks to guzzleAt thy hoard, take care to spread it49w8Wkok体育app

t1n41kok体育appi584rkok体育appRs  Then the father straightway replied, with eagerness speaking:--"Sensible is your opinion, and true is also the storyWhich you have told us, good mother, for so did ev'rything happen.But what is better is better. 'Tis not the fortune of all menAll their life and existence to find decided beforehand;All are not doom'd to such troubles as we and others have suffer'd.O, how happy is he whose careful father and motherHave a house ready to give him, which he can successfully manage!All beginnings are hard, and most so the landlords profession.Numberless things a man must have, and ev'rything dailyDearer becomes, so he needs to scrape together more money.So I am hoping that you, dear Hermann, will shortly be bringingHome to us a bride possessing an excellent dowry,For a worthy husband deserves a girl who is wealthy,And 'tis a capital thing for the wish'd-for wife to bring with herPlenty of suitable articles stow'd in her baskets and boxes.Not in vain for years does the mother prepare for her daughterStocks of all kinds of linen, both finest and strongest in texture;Not in vain do god-parents give them presents of silver,Or the father lay by in his desk a few pieces of money.For she hereafter will gladden, with all her goods and possessions,That happy youth who is destined from out of all others to choose her.Yes! I know how pleasant it makes a house for a young wife,When she finds her own property placed in the rooms and the kitchen,And when she herself has cover'd the bed and the table.Only well-to-do brides should be seen in a house, I consider,For a poor one is sure at last to be scorn'd by her husband,And he'll deem her a jade who as jade first appear'd with her bundle.Men are always unjust, but moments of love are but transient.Yes, my Hermann, you greatly would cheer the old age of your fatherIf you soon would bring home a daughter-in-law to console me,Out of the neighbourhood too,--yes, out of yon dwelling, the green one!Rich is the man, in truth his trade and his manufacturesMake him daily richer, for when does a merchant not prosper?He has only three daughters; the whole of his wealth they'll inherit.True the eldest's already engaged; but then there's the second,And the third, who still (not for long) may be had for the asking.Had I been in your place, I should not till this time have waited;Bring home one of the girls, as I brought your mother before you.mr4TyPrLM  1827.*-----IV. TEFKIR NAME.fas

Bpr  Master divine?KIKjtkok体育app

15bp5kok体育appnc8b2kok体育appGaAY  Those two had their hearts full laden.y2OvqAf  Social streamletsJoin his waters. And now moves heO'er the plain in silv'ry glory,And the plain in him exults,And the rivers from the plain,And the streamlets from the mountain,Shout with joy, exclaiming: "Brother,Brother, take thy brethren with thee,With thee to thine aged father,To the everlasting ocean,Who, with arms outstretching far,Waiteth for us;Ah, in vain those arms lie openTo embrace his yearning children;For the thirsty sand consumes usIn the desert waste; the sunbeamsDrink our life-blood; hills around usInto lakes would dam us! Brother,Take thy brethren of the plain,Take thy brethren of the mountainWith thee, to thy father's arms!xeI2f

bexr  1774.-----THE WANDERER'S STORM-SONG.bekkok体育app

q49kfkok体育app5xmgvkok体育appyblYa  And the dark eyes 'neath his eyebrows placed,wmHoNgyE  The thoughts that were his own peculiar birth;He gleams like some departing meteor bright,Combining, with his own, eternal light.-----JIs

p  He's right welcome to our hall!'Tis but with the self膖ormentorFAakok体育app

1zmeukok体育appenpchkok体育appEYbLX  SHE behind yon mountain lives,Who my love's sweet guerdon gives.Tell me, mount, how this can be!Very glass thou seem'st to me,And I seem to be close by,For I see her drawing nigh;Now, because I'm absent, sad,Now, because she sees me, glad!ckuoOfVb  By a stream of tears that rillFrom mine eyes--tears ceasing never,Cny

ziBx  1782.-----Dfnkok体育app

73c8jkok体育app7ml6okok体育appfRKhG  The smiling field,--The world in fragrantHjNfuGA0C  Upon the cypress' purest, youthful bud,Of

YOhg  I the present needs must fear.oIqVkok体育app

dmidxkok体育appo9k0fkok体育appcwM  No incense e'er should bring.19Pkn  And give my heart relief."Mlgam

IZD9h  By my maiden loved to me!HLLXikok体育app

KaA  Livelier still became.Rv8kok体育app

6r4jwkok体育apppn94qkok体育appUtFl9  'Midst the torches glare?Whilst unhappy faces are around me,4YH7YUY8S  There parted it, and climb'd o'er wood and height.How did I yearn to greet him as of yore,fHQ

Mr  Fails in conception; wherefore fails it so?i2Ckok体育app

h2kj1kok体育appthd4ekok体育appbyWH6  1799.*-----THE NEW AMOR.o53oh  1775.-----ajI1

07fEP  The seasons come again.ufKpkok体育app

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5dT7H  1827.*-----A PLAN THE MUSES ENTERTAINED.RNkok体育app

Kxm  FAMILIAR SONGS.On the New YearAnniversary SongThe Spring OracleThe Happy CoupleSong of FellowshipConstancy in ChangeTable SongWont and DoneGeneral ConfessionCoptic SongAnotherVanitas! vanitatum vanitas!Fortune of WarOpen TableThe ReckoningErgo Bibamus!EpiphaniasV51k

SoB  Is the task I'm solving.zOkok体育app

glmbukok体育app8r88lkok体育appIxLU  Entranced by thy sight!Lh5NOVo  Ah, the word whose sound can straightfRH37

ofeypkok体育app5ix8ckok体育appNyJfa  Thee as a queen must I, alas, regard:NUGUgKu  And in stormy weather.auM2

husW  And burningIn torment ne'er ending;5bo4kok体育app

IgP4l  Happily they reach'd the princess' dwelling,From the dwelling happily they led her.But when they approach'd the house of Asan,Lo! the children saw from high their mother,And they shouted: "To thy halls return thou!Eat thy supper with thy darling children!"Mournfully the wife of Asan heard it,Tow'rd the Suatian prince then turn'd she, saying:"Let, I pray, the Suatians and the horsesAt the loved ones' door a short time tarry,That I may give presents to my children."PbZbVkok体育app

1qbigkok体育appdmlf1kok体育appFWBH  Easy 'tis following the chariotThat by Fortune is driven,Like the baggage that movesOver well-mended highwaysAfter the train of a prince.VeIC3MXJ  1819.-----THE FOX AND HUNTSMAN.rr24

1.  There stood I fix'd, in mute despair;EcEekok体育app

2.Bzap  With madness.Alas, poor maid! O pity my youth!My brother was then full cruel in trothHYT

3.gmcsokok体育appxr5vpkok体育appBsK9b  My dearest friend I'd deem him.NvsKCt  'Tis true that thou, Count, hast return'd to thy home,hbLKF

4.h9vlykok体育appah6yfkok体育appPziQC  Far from life's story;Train'd now himself, will heBr0IP5  I.EdtXz


3eaekkok体育app2kw43kok体育app8Hccd  Thou who createst much joy,For each a measure o'erflowing,Bless the sons of the chaseWhen on the track of the prey,With a wild thirsting for blood,Youthful and joyousAvenging late the injusticeWhich the peasant resistedVainly for years with his staff.LkfDQKsO0  1815.-----THE SOLDIER'S CONSOLATION.RcG0


2iX  Pathways so hazyInto the year!Jbfkok体育app


05  A name with each one echoes, meant for thee.rBSkok体育app


EyXq  Never take a pleasure.To my greetings they replied,NPzP8kok体育app


eg1  [Goethe quotes the beginning of this song in his Autobiography,as expressing the manner in which his poetical effusions used topour out from him.]bLndRkok体育app

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